Necessary of selling
Case of ordinary motor vehicle

  1. Letter of proxy (AMACA preparation)
  2. Transfer certificate (AMACA preparation)
  3. The registration document
  4. Compulsory automobile liability insurance
  5. Automobile tax payment certificate(For this year)
  6. Recycling ticket (Case of deposit money payment)
  7. Registered seal
  8. Certification of seal impression

Kei car (less than 660cc)

  1. Car registration document entry application (AMACA preparation)
  2. The registration document
  3. Compulsory automobile liability insurance
  4. Automobile tax payment certificate(For this year)
  5. Recycling ticket (Then you paid it beforehand)
  6. Private seal

Necessary of purchase
Case of ordinary motor vehicle
(After assignment)

  1. Certification of seal impression (Meeting detailed after contract establishment)
  2. Garage proof (Meeting detailed after contract establishment)
  3. Automobile tax report (AMACA preparation)
  4. Letter of proxy (AMACA preparation)
  5. Automobile third party liability insurance
    (AMACA can do it)
  6. [Arbitrary participation] Automobile insurance (AMACA can do it!)

Garage proof application
(Include search for garage for rent)

If your house is decided after return to Japan, you can do garage application.
We look for the garage of the condition that a little is enough for in daily life for rent on a meeting with contractor when after the return home does not have a garage.
Leave it to me in AMACA. The procedure of the garage and the registration of the vehicle.
AMACA’S personal administrative scrivener performs it surely.

Match the following cases; and of the addition documents are necessary separately.

  1. The owner of the registration document is case except the person himself (AMACA help it)
    ⇒ You need that procedure of the proprietary rights cancellation by owner.
  2. When though you moved, you do not change the address of the registration document
    ⇒ You need resident’s card.
  3. When you do moving more than twice
    ⇒ You need resident’s card and tag of your family register or delete of the resident’s card.
  4. When you marry and change a family name
    ⇒ You need copy of your family register.
  5. When your house title changes it by land readjustment
    ⇒ You need jurisdiction change certificate.

You already left the country. So I cannot publish certification of seal impression. On the other hand, you need signature proof Instead.

about the signature proof :

You can acquire signature proof at Japanese Embassy, consulate (living-in-diplomat) of the voyage.
When you change the name of vehicle, you get effect same as certification of a seal impression.
You need signature proof and a letter of proxy, a transfer certificate, and tally seal is necessary for the name change of the vehicle.

Reference : Ministry of Foreign Affairs application procedure guide (http://www.mofa.go.jp/mofaj/toko/todoke/shomei/index.html#2_5)


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