4.Purchase Service

4.Purchase Service

1. Information distribution by email [ON ASSIGNMENT]
    AMACA deliver an e-mail magazine to the address that had you register regularly.
    You can easily grasp car market of Japan under control.


2. Designated unofficially at return day
    If your return home is decided, (Please inform AMACA of the transferred one)
    AMACA can give communication to you, look for your privately-owned car desired promptly.
    If you transfer “discount service” to an acquaintance, the acquaintance can look for private car by contract same as you.
★AMACA answers your hope as much as possible. AMACA rent “very discount rent-a-car” for one month when AMACA cannot look for the private car which you hope for.


3. Show the estimate of the car
    AMACA will make the estimate of the private car of hope and E-mail it to you.
    If our presentation amount of money has you understand, I make a sales contract.


4. Contract establishment
    ‘Document necessary for purchase of private car’ AMACA mail “the manual of documents” and sell contract to you.
    Please confirm the contents of documents. After you were able to confirm contents, you do your “signature” and your “sealing”, and please mail it to AMACA.


5. After return to Japan,  deliver a car [AFTER ASSIGNMENT]
    When you come back to Japan. AMACA’s stuff deliver your car. (Depending on a condition,The delivery of car at an airport gone back to is possible)
    AMACA’s stuff deliver it on an appointed day. If a condition matches, the delivery of the car is possible at arrival airport. However, when the car which meets a condition before coming back to Japan is not found.


6. Payment of the purchased amount
    You have a contract deposit pay money to AMACA account, or you please pay in cash after delivery of your car.


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