3.Steps until sell

3.Steps until sell


1. Please call AMACA !

When the overseas assignment is decided, AMACA do simple guidance.

  1. AMACA assess it based on the registration document. Please make your examination materials.
  2. AMACA explain a plan of the private car selling that complied with your demand.
  3. AMACA suggest the plan that they matched on your departure date.


2. Assessment --- Show the estimate of the car (Pls With you)
    Please make the day when your convenience is good an assessment day. AMACA’s stuff in charge assesses a privately-owned car, AMACA’s stuff call at the designated time and place.
    AMACA will make the estimate, and present it to you later.
    If you have a contract amount of money understand, AMACA make selling contract.
The mileage until the departure date does not influence a contract amount of money after assessment was completed. You can enjoy until last day!
★However contract amount of money may be changed when a private car is damaged after a contract. Please safe driving.

— Contract establishment —

3. Contract establishment (Pls With you)
    Your signature or sealing is necessary for sales contract establishment.
    Please let me explain “Document necessary for individual” at the same time.
    Detailed explanation on here >>


4. Designation day or the starting day (Pls With you)
    AMACA’s stuff in charge visits time and the place that you specified.
    AMACA confirm necessary documents on the spot. Afterwards, AMACA will receive the private car.


5. Vehicle sale or junk car disposal
    AMACA executes the procedure of “Clearance of the car” or “Abandonment of the car” according to the contract.


6. Procedure completion
    When the business is completed as shown in the contract, AMACA will guide it to you by mailing.


7. Payment of the contract deposit (Complete)
    AMACA pays the contract sum by “Account transfer” or “Cash”.


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