2.Summary of “PCSS”

2.Summary of “PCSS”


Primarily please call AMACA.
It is decided that you go on a business trip for overseas starting or long term.

After having heard your hope, AMACA guide a procedure
and a required document.
The later necessary procedure informs it each time.
For the departure, please utilize valuable time effectively.

You can drive to the airport on a departure day!

On a departure day, it has trouble with a bus and a train
with big baggage to go.
You can go to the airport by privately-owned car.
AMACA’s stuff in charge takes over your private car at an airport.

You can purchase a car desired at discount,
when you come back to Japan later.

To you using AMACA, AMACA do private car purchase discount service.
Give me communication.
AMACA look for a good privately-owned car by a return home day.
The discount service is transferable for other people.
Notice is necessary for AMACA beforehand.

AMACA have “moving plan set”. It is more convenient.

When the moving is necessary, too.
Contract is possible at the time of private car selling.
Estimate is possible at the same time. AMACA can do in parallel.
You can ‘sell of your car’ and ‘moving’ at the same time.
The appropriation is possible to the moving price
for the private car sale price.

It can continuously take the private car until the car is received. Besides, the mileage from an assessment day to a sale day has nothing to do with assessment.

It is OK at your designation place including Narita Airport and Kansai Airport.
If you buy a car, you can receive a car at a designated airport on the return home day.

“The sell of the private car ”and “moving” are possible at the same time! It survives very much!!

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