1.PCSS (En)

1.PCSS (English)

AMACA’s system is very useful.
AMACA support you when you are going on
overseas assignment or a long-term business trip.

When sudden overseas starting for the new post or a long-term overseas visit occur, many preparations are necessary.
when the time comes, you are troubled with the disposal of the car.
You need many procedures about it.

“ Then I cannot but dispose rather…”
Anyway, the procedure of the disposal of the car is complicated.
You are busy in preparation for overseas starting for the new post.
The disposal of the car becomes just before the departure necessarily.
When you dispose of the car before the departure, you dispose in the asking price of the supplier of the car…
Such a case is frequent.


AMACA sell the privately-owned car of the visitor at every possible high price smoothly. AMACA have reduce the burden on visitor and devote yourself in preparation for until the departure. AMACA introduce “Private car selling system” having you leave abroad in peace.
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